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Rv Power Inverter

2000 W 4000 Watt 12v Dc To 110v 120v Ac Converter Lcd Edecoa

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EDECOA Modified Sine Wave 12V
2000W Power Inverter
Efficiency:87% The inverter converts direct current (DC) low voltage (12V battery) into 120V alternating current (AC). You can connect and operate various devices, for example: kettle, heater, television, computer or work equipment. You need to connect the battery and devices to the inverter. It's simple and you can use it anywhere, anytime. You can always run your devices on battery. 1x Inverter 12V 120V 2000W 1x Remote controller panel and 4 Meter long network cable 1 pail black and red battery cable 16mm²*750MM 1 pair of screw caps (Red and Black) 1 pair of DC input clamp rings (for backup) 1x manual
Powers you up everywhere A brand recognized internationally by the most demanding customers, where we have 15 years of experience in inverters. Technical Support. A professional engineer support team will always be here to help you. Certification: EDECOA DPM20 has CE, RoSH, ETL, FCC and PSE certification. If you have any questions about the inverter during this period, please contact us. Sales engineer will try his best to help you. In addition to all modern basic functions, the EDECOA 2000W inverter also offers the latest additional functions: Anodized Aluminum Outcase : The anodized aluminum case is not only beautiful, but also has good heat dissipation performance, wear resistance, insulation and durability. Best choice for harsh environment. Safety Cover : The flame retardant material cover protects you. To avoid any touching and short-circuiting of the input terminals; Soft-Start Function : modified sine wave, ideally to drive resisitive loads; 87% Efficiency : The main control chip uses fast and stable MCU, intelligent control, real-time monitoring, 85% conversion efficiency at 80% working pressure; 0.7A Quiescent Current : Low no-load current doesn't draw too much current from your battery. The inverter may turn off completely after turning off the switch. Multi-protection : low voltage, high voltage, overload, over current, short circuit, over temperature and galvanized isolation; Variable Speed ​​Fan : Reduce unnecessary battery waste and keep quiet, the fan will not start until the internal temperature is 45℃+. Above 75℃, the inverter will stop working to protect the inverters. Automatic reset function : After the over-voltage cut-off protection or the low-voltage cut-off protection, when the input voltage is back to normal (12.6V), the inverter will automatically work again. USB*2 : Independent charger. Dual USB with 5V 2.1A output. Smooth use for devices with touch controls. The USB sockets are switched on regardless of whether the main switch is on or off. Remote Controler 86 x 86 mms fixable board with standard RJ45 port and 4 meters cable, you can replace longer cable to increase remote control distance. LCD Display Updated version 3.0 multi function LCD screen, LCD display that shows input and output voltage and current, output frequency, inverter temperature and alarm conditions. Different alarms and working status also been displayed as well. Intelligent Alarm More easily finding out what is going on for your system: 1 beep--low voltage 2 beeps--under voltage 3 beeps--over voltage 4 beeps--over temperature 5 beeps---over load Frequently asked Questions Can I use the inverter with a 24V system? ---No. This 12V 2000W can only be powered by 12V battery system. Can I charge my batteries with this inverter? ---No. The EDECOA 12V 2000W inverter can only convert DC battery power to AC power. How do I connect the inverter? What size cable should I use and is it included? ---16mm²*750MM battery cables are included. Not very long so that the inverter is as close to the battery as possible to avoid voltage drop. The remote control cable is long enough (4m) for convenient installation. If you need longer and thicker battery cables, the inverter's DC terminal size is M8 (6mm). Is the fan noisy? ---Absolutely not, it's whisper quiet, it only runs when the device gets too hot, which means you're picking up too much load. Do I really have to ground the converter? ---Not necessary. The inverter works perfectly and safely without grounding. Do I need a fuse between the battery and the inverter? ---Not necessary. If you want to add, the fuse should be = 2000W / 12V / 0.85 = 196A or higher. Which Inverter should I buy? ---There are two types of inverters, one is modified sine wave type inverter and the other is pure sine wave type. 1. Verification of device type and sizing for correct performance. Inverters are rated by a wattage, which tells you how many watts they can operate at one time. 2. Check your battery voltage. The DC voltage of the inverter tells you which battery bank it is compatible with. For inductive load ---When connecting to inductive loads (e.g. coffee maker, compressor, pump, old CRT TV, refrigerator, ice conditioner, air conditioner, relay,fluorescent lamp, vacuum cleaner), please choose an inverter with a 3-7 times higher rated power than the rate performance of the load. For example, for a 150W refrigerator, choose a 1500W pure sine wave inverter or higher; For 800W air conditioner, please choose 2500W pure sine wave inverter or above. A modified sinus is not recommended. For resistive load ---When connecting to resistive loads (e.g. computer, LED TV, fan, scanner, fax machine, duplicator, sound system, juicer, heater, electric stove, crock pot), please choose either modified sine wave or pure sine wave inverter whose continuous output is slightly is higher than the rated power of the load. For example, for loads close to 700W, it is better to choose an inverter with a continuous power of more than 800W. What battery types and compacts should I use? As long as the battery is rated for 12V applications. GEL, AGM, Flooded types work. The inverter cannot power a device with high power and too small battery. If you operate an 800W heater for 2 hours, the battery capacity = rated power 800W / inverter conversion efficiency (calculated using the lowest 85%) / battery voltage (12V) / battery discharge coefficient 80% * working time (2 hours) = 800W / 85%/12V/0.8*2H=196AH Maximum wattage of devices DC volt Battery Recommended Running Time 2000W 12V 240AH 1h 03min 1500W 12V 200AH 1h 10min 1200W 12V 120AH 0h 53min 850W 12V 100AH 1h 02min 600W 12V 80AH 1h 10min
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RV Power Inverter 2000 W 4000 Watt 12V dc to 110V 120V ac Converter LCD EDECOA
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